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Newly enhanced contents of Morningstar Hong Kong Website
Editorial & Research Team, Morningstar Asia Ltd. 2010-09-10

Starting from September, Morningstar Hong Kong website will be adding series of new contents to keep investors and readers updated on the fund market.



There are enormous useful information available on the Morningstar Hong Kong website. Morningstar-pedia will show you tips on how to utilize the tools on the site.


Fund Roundup

To catch up with the latest trend of the fund market? Go catch the weekly fund roundup.


Fund Wit

How to dig deep inside a fund? How to interpret those figures relating to a fund and what’s the implication behind? What’s over there apart from figures? Morningstar analysts will share with you the knacks to carefully dissect a fund.


Fund Match

We will have two funds selected from the same Morningstar category for comparison on a regular basis, so as to enable investors and readers to have the basic information of the selected funds.


Fund Man Say

Fund manager is the key to success of a fund. Morningstar will explore chances to meet the fund managers and share their views of the markets, investment philosophy and experiences.


Besides the new contents coming up, we will also maintain existing column that are popular among investors and readers. These columns include Week Ahead, Fund Rating Alert, Fund analysis and US perspectives, etc.

Don’t miss the chance to keep up with the ever changing fund markets.