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Morningstar Individual Investor Survey 2013
Nelly Poon 2013-07-19

Complete survey today to be eligible for Starbucks gift certificate or iPad Mini

What are your unique needs, goals and objectives when investing in mutual fund and ETF? Let us understand you more by taking our few-minute survey. The first 50 participants to complete the survey will be eligible to receive a Starbucks gift certificate, worth HKD 25. And in recognition of 2013 as the survey’s inaugural year, the 213th participant to complete it successfully will be eligible to receive an iPad Mini.

This survey consists of 11 simple questions – about your portfolio allocation, reasons that have prompted you to invest in certain type of investment etc. 

The survey will be open from today until 17 September, 2013.

Please take a few minutes to complete our short individual investor survey. That’s all you need to do to be eligible to receive the Starbucks gift certificate or iPad Mini. We will share the survey results via the website soon after the closing date of the survey. You can click here to complete the survey.

Thank you in advance for sharing your views.

*Note that terms and conditions of the survey applies.