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Fund NameMorningstar
AAA Amanah SyariahIslamic Allocation - Other-2.462824.2640 IDR
AAA Balanced FundIDR Allocation1.791361.9110 IDR
AAA Blue Chip Value Fund 2Indonesia Equity-4.351274.2400 IDR
AAA Enhanced StrategyIndonesia Equity-3.391333.4600 IDR
AB Capital Equity FundOther Equity--3.4732 PHP
Aberdeen Indonesia Balanced Growth FundIDR Allocation4.591937.6200 IDR
Aberdeen Indonesia BondIDR Bond2.042199.2600 IDR
Aberdeen Indonesia Equity FundIndonesia Equity3.612023.2879 IDR
Aberdeen Indonesia Government BondIDR Bond-1.771735.7400 IDR
Aberdeen Indonesia Money Market FundMoney Market - Other--1353.8200 IDR
Aberdeen Syariah Asia Pacific Equity USDIslamic Equity - Other--1.0221 USD
ABF Philippines Bond Index FundOther Bond--232.9400 PHP
AIA IDR BalancedIDR Allocation--2163.6112 IDR
AIA IDR Balanced SyariahIslamic Allocation - Other--1624.7519 IDR
AIA IDR Cash SyariahMoney Market - Other--1503.6694 IDR
AIA IDR China India Indonesia EquityIndonesia Equity--1911.8952 IDR
AIA IDR Dana BerkahMoney Market - Other--1825.9634 IDR
AIA IDR EquityIndonesia Equity--16044.3235 IDR
AIA IDR Equity SyariahIslamic Equity - Other--1163.1433 IDR
AIA IDR Fixed IncomeIDR Bond--3926.5685 IDR
AIA IDR Money MarketMoney Market - Other--1920.9032 IDR
AIA USD Fixed IncomeUSD Diversified Bond--2.8995 USD
Albemarle Greater Asia IAsia-Pacific inc. Japan Equity-152.0130 EUR
ALFM Dollar Bond FundOther Bond--459.9200 USD
ALFM Euro Bond FundOther Bond--218.3800 EUR
ALFM Growth FundOther Allocation--274.5600 PHP
ALFM Money Market FundOther Bond--123.8500 PHP
ALFM Peso Bond FundOther Bond--351.4700 PHP
Archipelago Balance FundIDR Allocation-7.301669.8800 IDR
Archipelago Equity GrowthIndonesia Equity-3.822180.5700 IDR
Total Results:
* Data as of 2019-06-30